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e| ajahannes@gmail.com

p| 912.695.9184


Yes. I'm available for booking. Contact me for rates and let me know a little bit about what kinda of shoot you're interested in.

Interested in modeling? I often use everyday people as my subjects. Shoots are based on my own concepts, but I'm always looking for your individuality to shine through. Send me a message with 3 tidbits on what makes you unique and why you want to model for me. Shoots are unpaid, but models will receive a print or digital image (TBD) for your time.

You comments are ALWAYS appreciated. Critiques too. Even just a hello let's me know you're out there.

Artists/intellectuals/activists send me links to your work! Y'all are my biggest sources of inspiration and great resources for me to share with others.

'Preciate it.